awareness raising and cocktails!


Not much been happening this week. My feet have finally touched the floor after the awards, thank you for everyones lovely comments.

I have been in the local press a lot lately! I was approached by 3 papers before the awards and then another 3 articles were written afterwards, I'm really not that interesting to be honest! You can view one of the articles herehttp://www.thisistotalessex.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=170532&command=displayContent&sourceNode=170515&contentPK=20674730&moduleName=InternalSearch&formname=sidebarsearch.

I really enjoy doing publicity work though because it is so good to raise awareness of CF and organ donation which is obviously very important. At the awards there were a couple of ladies who do awareness talks etc for the CF trust which is something im very interested in doing myself, it definately appeals and would let me feel I am doing something to help myself and others in my position.

Unfortunately another life was lost to CF yesterday. I only knew the lady via the forum and hadn't really had much contact with her but it still hits you hard to hear of another loss. It is so sad that her death was needless in a sense but for lack of organ donors. This is the very reason awareness needs to be raised.

I had a slight blip last week when I started being sick repeatedly and had a temperature of 38! To say i got pretty worried was an understatement but thankfully it was the only temperature i seem to have had and it appears to have been a 24 hour bug thats going round. I had quite nasty chest pains afterwards which scared me witless but we are putting that down to straining the muscles when i was being so sick. Again, thankfully this has stopped now but it made me realise how lucky I am to have stayed so well.

Last night I went to TGI fridays with my friend Lindsay. I love TGI and it did not disappoint. I had jack daniels chicken and a sunset boulevard cocktail whic were both gorgeous! Yum yum! I also had some of Lindsays chips because I was still hungry when I finished my own (which is unheard of!) so thanks hun!

Stay smiley! x



  1. hey
    first i see pictures of you with champagne and now a cocktail?!
    whats going on??
    only joking, enjoy the drinks and good food|!

  2. Hiya hun,

    Glad to hear it was just a blip and you're feeling better enough to nick your mate's chips :D

    Better enough doesn't sound right does it!!!

    Loadsa love

  3. You have such a beautiful, contagious smile. While, some moments are better than others, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I look forward to reading more in the future.


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