"project get fat"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hello! Aren't you shocked that I'm blogging midweek?
Thank you, as always for the support you've given me, I am very lucky to have such lovely friends.

I am still reeling a bit from my Harefield visit but am really trying to focus my energy into eating as much as possible rather than feeling upset or depressed. Getting the weight on is going to be a very long slow process (because of my bad health my body uses lots of calories just staying alive) but as long as it is going the right way and I'm trying as hard as possible thats all I can do. I am managing to pack quite a lot of food down my face each day so will hopefully see a tiny improvement in Fridays weekly weigh in.

Anyway I thought I would update with some bits and pieces that I haven't had chance to blog about yet. First of all, I have finished my last essay for this course now and got 75% which I was rather pleased with! I now have an exam on October 6th, and then that will be my second course complete. If I pass, that will mean I am 1/3 of the way through my degree, I'll be taking some time off over xmas and then starting a new course in February.

The week before my Harefield visit I had a lovely day at my friends house being pampered. Lindsay is a hairdresser/beauty therapist and very good at it too! I went to her house for the day and was treated to a facial (absolutely AMAZING), a pedicure, and a hair cut. She also made me a yummy lunch of all my favourite foods and gave me a goodie bag to take home!!! I had a wonderful day, it was so relaxing and good to feel so pampered. Linds is a great friend and I couldn't believe how much thought and effort she had put in to making it special. From the order of treatments (so i didn't have to lay down after lunch or keep walking up and down the stairs) to the perfect lunch every detail was considered. Thank you again to my wonderful friend, she really is a complete star!

I have also thought of some additions to the wish list. I would like to add.....
A ride on a motorbike
Lots more rollercoasters ( I love them!)
Join an amdram group
Win a local drama award

Thats all for now, as I think of things Ill let you know! I'll also keep you posted on "Project get fat" as my friend so aptly calls it! ;)
Keep smiling and being your lovely selves.

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  1. horay for Linsey! she deserves a big "atta girl" and big hugs!!! and its so wonderful to hear (read) that perkiness back in your blog! still praing here in florida!


  2. I'm loving 'project get fat' lol. Keep going and slowly but surely you will get there!
    take care.
    jac xx

  3. you're doing fantastically chick; keep your head up high and keep going! xxx

  4. Project get fat :-)
    Do you have Calogen in the UK? It's like calorie drinks but you can only have 3 times 30 mg a day (sp?) and really exists of fat and nothing else haha.
    Marie, my friend from Sweden, got it after she was really poorly and she got her wait up. And I now know we have it in the Netherlands too cause my best friends dad is on it now cause he is very poorly, waiting for tx and skin and bones...
    Maybe you could ask for that in your hospital?

    Still hoping you'll get that call soon

  5. ml's is what I meant ofcourse...

  6. and now i wonder why I asked if the spelling is correct... :-)
    I guess I'm not really with it. Had my wisdom tooth removed and am drugged up now cause I'm feeling too well