Weekly weigh in 3 and other things...

Right, first things first, weekly weigh in time! This week I have surprised myself by putting on 0.7kg in one go! When I started "project get fat" i was 42.6kg and now I am 44kg. I have checked this weight twice and it does seem as though its correct, although how ive managed it is a mystery to me! You can actually see that I've gained weigh now, I'm not fat (yet) but its really weird for me to see the difference. I feel quite tubby but i suppose being so skinny has distorted my vision. Anyway I'm not complaining. I phoned Harefield to let them know and they were very pleased with my progress so thats another good thing. My plan is that now I have gained quite a bit I will start to ease off just a tiny bit in order to give myself a bit of a rest, while still putting on some weight but at a slower rate. It will take a bit of balancing to get this right but hopefully i should get there. Thanks again for all your support which keeps me going, i couldnt do it without you all :)

I've still been quite moody this week and you very nearly got an earfull when I was in one of my "black moods" but in the end I didnt blog and felt a bit better the next day. I also recieved a lovely surprise through the post which cheered me up no end. A lovely friend with Cf who I chat to online sent me a beautiful balloon in the hope it would make me smile which it definately did. So thank you very much Jess! The balloon also had disney princesses n it which made it even nicer. I sent her a photo of me with said balloon wearing a tiara, ill try to put it on here soon.

I have also heard from my new course tutor who weirdly enough lives in the next street to me! He seems really nice and eager to help, and without speaking to soon the new course seems quite easy going compared to my others (remind me of this when im having trouble with an essay). Next week I have my exam for my current course which I am frantically revising for at the moment.

Not much else has happened really, yesterday was nice as we managed to get out for the day. We drove up to Greenwich, its a great place with a really cool craft market (which is too tight to ge round by wheelchair so i had a very short slow walk round some of it). Then we walked along the river and had some chips in the sunshine. It was also handy as being in the fresh air meant less worry about catching coughs and colds which is a danger for me at present.

Anyway will close now and update again soon. Hope your all doing ok and keeping smiley.


  1. Hiya. Pleased to hear you've added some weight. I don't usually comment on your Blog, but I read it through Sue's Blog. If you ever feel like chatting to me, I'm usually around in the evenings - add me to MSN.
    Much love, xxx

  2. Hey Tubby!

    So mega pleased with reading your latest weigh-in. Thats excellent news, plus with you being able to put weight on so 'easily' (you've done a better job than I used to in such short time!) I am so pleased for you hun. keep eating loads and you'll be in a good position to receive those awaiting lungs that are just around the corner.

    Speak soon sweetie. Kim xxx

  3. Maybe its the prayers being sent to you thats helping you put on the weight. Just keep it up as long as you can, remember while your recovering from your surgery you will drop plenty. your body will meed lots of stored energey to get you through a speedy recovery. and after all that come on over to Disney World and have dinner with all of the lovly pricesses, i will meet you there!
    Praying in Florida

  4. Well done on the weight gain!! A word of warning - when I started putting on weight, I felt HUGE and got a bit down about it. In reality I was still really thin! I didn't appreciate the need for as much weight as possible until I had that false call...and it was nearly too late by then. I then realised that after the Tx I could get fit and toned and work on being my ideal weight, but in the mean time I just needed to be as heavy as possible to make it through the op. I hope that makes senses. Will chat any time about all this:-)

  5. hey lovely,

    Massive well done with the wait, totally proud of you ;) I think you're doing exactly the right thing easing off a little bit so you don't get exhausted with eating so much! You're doing really well, especially with the weird distorted view many of us pwcf tend to develop (not realising quite how thin we are so feeling a bit "tubby" at the smallest increase!)

    Don't think it's a bad thing to blog when you're down if it helps...

    much love xxxx

  6. Well done on the weight gain, that's awesome! Hope you're feeling really proud of yourself :o) Sending you a big cuddle xxxx

  7. hey there "fatty" you will never ever look fat cos you quite tall! so you can carry the extra weight and just look healthy!

    im glad your next course will be a bit easier for you! sounds like you need a school holiday!!

    the day at greenwich sounds nice, did you get anything? I know how you love them craft markets!!

  8. I always weigh in between 42.2 or something like that and 44.8
    It depends on how my belly is acting up, I guess CF can do that to you haha
    I hope you can beat me soon!

    But, well done! For putting that weight on.
    I'm proud you managed that in such a short period of time!

  9. Hiya hunni,

    First and foremost very well done you for gaining that weight, I know it takes mega effort, you're a star you are.

    Good luck with the essay, I say that with all the admiration in the whole world, cos I know where you're coming from on that one now.

    Loadsa love, always.

  10. Hi!
    I just wanted to say I know what you're going through trying to gain weight. Not necessarily with the severity that you need to but I do know how hard it is. I have CF also, and while I'm pretty healthy I did get a chest infection and lose 15 lbs...only 3 of which I have been able to put back and keep on.
    Anyways, good luck gaining weight and hopefully you get that transplant :)


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