"Happy birthday to my blog......"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ok, I am very sorry its been a long time since my last post, slap on the wrist for me, but I have been busy and have lots of odds and ends to tell you about to make up for the delay.
Where to begin? First of all the reason I have been busy is mainly that I've had an essay due in and I have been really really struggling to get it done. I missed a lot of readig when my back was bad and have consquently been 3 weeks behind. My tutor has been fantastic with giving me extra time to get it done but I hate being under pressure to get something done especially when I have so many other things to do,such as christmas cards, presents that need to be posted, wrapping birthday gifts and xmas gifts etc. Thankfully it is done now and will be sent off later today.
A good piece of news was that I found out that I passed my previous course, (the one that I had the 3 hour exam for) so I was really pleased with that.
Two dates to mark off, Tuesday marked 17 months of waiting for new lungs and December 4th was this blogs 1st birthday! I can't believe that I have kept it going this long and could never have imagined the therapeutic effect it would have, the lovely people who would read it, how much support it has brought me and how much I would enjoy writing it. Thank you to everyone who drops by to read, I love you all!

Last week was pretty dull but on Friday I had a visit from Emily, a lovely lady with CF who had her transplant two years ago. She popped in to film me for Battlefront, a campaign encouraging people (especially young people) to sign the organ donor register. It was so great to see her, and to see how fantastically well she looked, transplants truly are a miracle.
We did some filming with a tiny little camera that we were very impressed with! When it goes up on the website I will post the link so you can have a look.
I feel I had more news than that but I will post it next time if I do. Today I am enjoying not having to write an essay, and then my best friend is coming over to trim my hair so that it looks pretty for christmas, (she is a hairdresser just to clarify, we're not just chopping and hoping for the best!).
Just before I go....I haven't been doing weekly weigh in for a few weeks for various reasons but I'm hoping to do so in the next couple of days. Lots of fatty thoughts would be VERY appreciated as I am scared stiff about how it will be. My lovely friends have done it before please do it again for me.
Much love to you all, enjoy any festivities that are going on in your lives and updates soon with photos! I promise!!

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  1. Hey hey,
    Firstly, only the best birthday wishes to your blog! Well done for passing your course. I knew you would do well. Good luck for the remainder of it. The filming sounds very exciting I must say. You're becoming quite a celebrity! Hope you enjoy the rest of the lead up to christmas. Fingers crossed as always for the weigh in. Speak to you soon. x x x x

  2. thinking FAT thoughts!!

    cant believe you been writing and i been reading this for a whole year already! well done you for keeping it up!


  3. happy birthday blog!
    I have not had the fortune to be reading for a year, but i look forward to many years to come. i am still praying that your special gift will get here soon then maybe you can take your act on the road to start spreading the news about organ donation, maybe even get the uk laws changed to make donating even easier.
    Merry Christmas!