Deck the Halls!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Its been one of those weeks where I've been busy but not knowing what I've actually been doing!
I'm still feeling good chest wise at the moment, my back still twinges every now and then but nothing more to report for now. I'm still feeling quite tired and weak with my muscles which is only to be expected after all the back problems and with my restricted mobility and general poor health.
The week started badly but has got better. I'm not going to go into too much detail but my cf hospital have really angered me this week and has lost even more of my respect. I wish that I could go elsewhere but at this stage in the game I dont have that luxury. I want more than anything to feel safe with the people looking after me and when I dont it is very scarey. Even more reason to hope against hope that the call i need is just around the corner.
Anyway, moving on from that, feeling so tired has meant that Ive been a bit slow getting stuff done and everything takes so much longer with low lung function. I've decided that in order to be involved with things as much as possible this Christmas I need to A) space things out so i have ample time to go slowly and rest when i need to, and B) ask for help when I need it. I love Christmas so much and want to be a part of it all.
We are doing one of my favourite things, putting up the decorations. I already have my beautiful christmas tree up in my room. It is so pretty, all glittery and twinkly! Never fails to make me smile. I probably should explain that yes, I do have a tree in my bedroom and yes, I do turn my room into a grotto at Christmas! We are also putting up the decs downstairs as I speak, so the house is going to be looking very festive very soon. I promise that next time I blog I will put up photos of my snuggly boots, stripey socks, my tree, the family tree, and generally xmassy things!
I also watched Its a Wonderful Life on Friday which is my favourite Christmas film, despite making me cry every time.
Anyway I will leave you know as I have to get back to decking the halls but I will post photos as soon as possible so check back in the next few days
Love and Christmas cheer to you all xxx
PS. Also trying to make blog festive :)

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  1. I am so glad to here you are feeling better! I have also been busy decking the halls, christmas shopping and having thanksgiving with most of my family, now that the turkey has been cooked, family has left decorations up and most of the shopping done its time to kick back and just enjoy!
    still praying for your phone call!

  2. hey hun, so sorry to hear about the problems at hosp. you know i wish you all the best and hope you keep fighting, but hope u haven't had to fight them. xx

    you go girl - getting into the festive spirit. all my lot are going up at the weekend!! xxx

    speak 2 u soon hunny and i hope you are ok, regarding hosp and in yourself. xxxx loads of hugs xxx

    Kim xx

  3. ok firstly my eyes just popped from their sockets with all that colour!!!
    soo glad your back is much better

    and you know you will be done before all of us with your xmas shopping, all wrapped up and ready!

    whats going on with hospital? i wasnt happy either a few weeks ago, there are too many patients there xxx