Sunday, November 23, 2008

Morning everyone!

Fingers crossed and touching wood etc, I do seem to be feeling much more my normal self this week. The back pain still twinges but is relieved with a paracetamol when it does rather than the 2 paracetamol and two codeine duo every 6 hours that I was using. So thats all good.
My tummy seems much better too. I told you I think that the pain relief was making me sick. Unfortunately despite consulting my team before taking codeine they failed to mention that I needed to take a laxative with the drug or would end up with even more tummy troubles, which sure enough after a week was pretty uncomfortable and stress I didnt need on top of everything else. Needless to say I was not impressed. On the positive side I am much better now but am still weak and needing to regain any weight that was lost.
I've also been stuck indoors for ages, probably been out for an hour in the last two weeks. The wheelchair (and oddly enough the bath) still make my back ache so its made me more restricted for the time being.

Its absolutely freezing today! This morning my mum pulled back the curtains, while I lay in my snuggly warm bed curled into a tight ball protesting at the brightness, only to see that it was snowing! Unfortunately the snow has disappeared now but it is still very cold so I have taken desperate measures and pulled out my new pink fluffy slipper boots AND my selection of over the knee stripey socks (although not worn together as that would be silly...) My mum keeps laughing at me everytime she sees me in said fluffy boots but when your feet are this comfy and warm who cares?? I promise to include a photo of both socks and slippers in my next post.

I've had loads of great feedback on the interviews for the BBC. I'm really surprised by the number of people who have said it was really good and well spoken, even better I know of at least two people that have signed the list as a result! If anyone wants to watch there is another video from the one I posted last week. Its basically most of what they filmed with me and explains in detail my life waiting. Click HERE!
Iv'e been trying to spread the video as far as poss via email to encourage people to watch it and sign up. Please feel free to do the same.
Speak to you again soon, Keep warm! xxxx

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  1. you could not be more right! there is nothing better when its gold than a pair of warm comphy slippers! I am so glad to here that you are finally feeling better!
    Praying in Florida!

  2. That video clip is fab - you speak so eloquently!

    I want to see these slippers!!!

    Jac x

  3. I know, I HATE winter! hope you get out and about soon, the cold air will defintely revive you!

    I have passed your email and video on to people.

    keep well xxxxxxxx

  4. Hiya hunni,

    I've posted your video on my facebook, I was well surprised that I managed that bit of technology on my own ;-)

    Hope alls ok with you, praying for that call to come soon.

    Loadsa love.

    P.S. Would you beleive the word verification is SUELITE....hehe!

  5. why arent you blogging naughty girl!? xxxxxx