I'm ready for my close up......

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hey everyone,
Just a quick update for now a proper blog to follow later this week. As always thank you for your well wishes and support, they are much appreciated. It has been very slow tedious progress this week and I must admit I have been feeling very low and hopeless.
Being in pain and uncomfortable, combined with emotionally and physical set back of being ill and a fortnight of interrupted sleep due to pain has taken a big toll on me. I haven't been doing anything at all and spent most of the time listless and just gazing into space, that is very unlike me. However I will say I have seen an improvemnet since yesterday and for the first time in two weeks am beginning to feel better. Fingers crossed later this week i will be back on track once again and can tell you the full story.
I will leave you with a (debatable!) treat, despite being so sorry for myself I did manage to spend an hour on Friday filming a piece about transplant for the BBC. Its been shown repeatedly today in response to the news about the UK not taking up presumed consent for organ donations. You can view it here
Enjoy! and updates soon...
Much love to you all x

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  1. I've just seen you on the BBC one o'clock news, well done. I hope you get your call VERY soon.
    Love Jax x (from the CFT forum)

  2. i saw it! i saw it!
    well done you being in papers, tv, award shows!!


  3. Soon you wont have time for us mere mortals!
    Well done sweetie, a lovely piece. Fingers crossed more people have signed up to the register after seeing it too.

  4. I saw you on the 6pm news and did a bit of a jump up and down whilst yelling to my hubby and son 'Ooow this is Tor, I know her you know'

    Well done hunni.

    Loadsa love

  5. well i didnt get to see you on tv, but i did see it from your link! I am so sorry organ donation is so hard over there. Please do not give up, I am praying that your new lungs will come soon.