6 week lowdown

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ok, it has been nearly 6 weeks since I wrote on this blog, I have no idea how it got to that amount of time without a post but needless to say I am very sorry and will try harder to keep posts more regular in future. I suppose part of the reason I feel its hard to blog right now is because nothing much has been happening. I want to be able to post with some news but things are as ever quite boring here.

Last time I posted I was having trouble sleeping, things have been a bit better but still pretty erratic. Last night I didn't get much sleep and its made me feel quite lethargic today as a result. Other than that, my chest has been ok for the most part, seem to be suffering with lots of aches and pains eg headaches, backaches and generally not being able to get comfy which isn't great. Still I wont moan as I know lots of other people are worse off than me. These things also tend to come in cycles for me.

Some random things that have happened in the last few weeks (in no particular order) We have been given planning permission to build an extension so that my mum can have the kitchen/bathroom/utility room of her dreams. She deserves to have lovely things so Im really pleased it got passed and we will start work next spring (despite my dads enthusiasm to start digging a huge ditch at the side of the house only to realise that theres not much point in digging foundations when its nearly winter again and the hole you've dug slowly fills with rain!). As my dad was keen to start a project of some sort we are in the process of putting down laminate flooring in our hall which looks lovely but is another area of our house in which my dog can now walk along sounding like an extremely loud typewriter :)

I had a visit from the lovely Emily of the charity LLTGL to have a general natter and to discuss the volunteer work I do for them and how its all going. It was so nice to see her and to have a chat with someone who has been where I am now and come out the other side. I've been taking on bit ad pieces of extra charity work as it comes up and it does me the world of good to keep busy. As a result of Em's visit I have also been working on the launch night for a related project Gifts of life which has been really great to be involved with! I have been emailing lots of people (mainly celebs) to get involved on launch night so fingers crossed it will be a big hit!

I passed the last uni course I did (yay!) and big news, I have taken the plunge and signed up to my fouth course which starts in October. Basically the whole degree is made up of 6 courses so as this is my fourth it gets quite exciting as an end is in sight :) I wasnt going to sign up to this one yet as there seemed to be a million reasons not too most of all because if i get called for transplant I will have to quit and possibly lose money and work :(
However my mum decided me to go for it. I had been talking about the course to soem friends and although my mum thought i would be best to leave starting any more uni for a while, she said that hearing me talk so enthusiasticly made her change her mind. The course is on childrens literature and I have 14 childrens books to read before the course starts! So am frantically reading those at presnt, most are really good treasure island, little women, northern lights, harry potter etc so not too taxing!
Thats about it from the last 6 weeks but before I head off, my two friends ran the hydro active today and despite having charitys of there own to support decided to raise funds for CF. I am so proud of them and grateful for what they have done, if you are able to donate please consider sponsoring them here

Keep smily and promise to post more often even if they are boring! xxx

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  1. Wow about the uni course go you!! childrens literature sounds interesting. sounds good! maybe all the reading will tire your brain out so you can sleep a bit more easily?. I hope you have paper and pen near you when reading so you can make lots of little notes!

    Thats cool about the charity and writing to celebs, you have to let us know how you get on.

    Well done to your friends, and thanks for doing it for CF.

    Hope your dog doesnt slip too much on the floor (if you do want to laugh throw something so they go running after it, they slip and slide everywhere!)

    Sending love and hugs xxxxxxx