Welcome new followers!

I have been getting loads of tweets on twitter at the moment and many new followers on my blog so thought I would seize the opportunity to say hello and let you learn a bit about me!
First port of call would be here my very first blog post that tells you all about me.
Of course that was 2 years ago now so things have changed a bit so I'll give you an update! Sadly the main thing in my life, needing a transplant hasn't changed and I (and so many others) are very much in need. I have been waiting for 2 years and 2 months for my double lung transplant now and things are a real struggle for me. I cant begin to explain how much it effects my life but it does in every aspect. I get desperately out of breath, use oxygen 24/7 and a wheelchair when i go out. I need assistance washing my hair, walking about, getting dressed and thats just the tip of the iceburg. Almost every normal task for any other 22year old is extremely difficult for me and my life is virtually on hold, I have no independance and all the dreams and energy pent up inside me have to remain there, for now. My life could be changed unrecognisably by a transplant I would be a fit heathly 22 year old again, able to plan a future that at the moment is not very certain. At my transplant assessment (April 06) I was given 2 years life expectancy without a transplant....im now living on borrowed time.
I miss everything that my situation has taken away from me, mainly my trips to the theatre (my passion) and being able to just be who I want to be! But I am also incredibly lucky to still be here fighting on! I am determined to do all I can to raise awareness of organ donation for myself and others.
Please consider signing the donor register to help others live.
Expect more updates soon, and thank you so much for reading! Hope you'll enjoy future posts. x
Please feel free to ask any questions and leave me comments, lovely to have you on board.

PS I will be on BBC 1 talking about organ doation tommorow! Eek! nervous!


  1. You will be great 2moro hun, will be watching...love u lots. Kim xxx

  2. I've been following your blog for a short while now, so thanks for the introductory post. You seem very inspiring! I really hope you don't have to wait much longer for your call. I received a multi-organ transplant just under 3 years ago and keep a blog about my life now.

    When will you be on BBC2 tomorrow? I'd like to watch :)

    Take care,
    Moll x x

  3. I can't imagine what you are going through. What an amazing individual. I am about to announce my own attempt to help others by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro next September. That will be a real workout for what I believe to be fully healthy lungs. I can now start my training with the inspiration that I should do this while I can, and because I can - if only until one day when I look back and think that now I can't.
    Be strong and have faith.

    John x x

  4. I saw you this morning on BBC. You were brilliant and inspirational. Stay strong - that call will come. Best wishes, Angela x

  5. A very nice and positive introductory blog for newbies!

    Im glad you had a good time today On the tv (again!? you are so famous now i feel i need your autograph!!). and im so sorry i missed it! damn my forgetful head for not setting alarm!!
    did you take any pictures?

    keep smiling.

    love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hi it's APFaz.

    I am interested to know how you are generating awareness of your campaign.

    On thing that may work (if not already done) is a direct appeal by you in the form of a letter via local newspapers.

    I am sure there is an easy was to do it but not worked it out yet but the links can be found on : http://www.mediauk.com/

    It will take time but one letter then copied to them all.

    Perhaps a bit about Jess and how to help.

    Good luck

    Andy x


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