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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

So on Friday night, my body, in its infinite wisdom decided not to sleep. A stellar idea when I had to be up to go for my impromptu MRI scan. So when I eventually succumbed to sleep at 5am I had 3 lovely hours before getting up, getting done, and starting my journey to South Kensington. 

It's a bit weird to be at a hospital on a Saturday when you're just an outpatient. I have only had an MRI once before and wasn't hugely keen. In the grand scheme of 'tests I've had done' it ranks fairly low but at the same time it's not the nicest. For those who don't know, you lie on a platform then go into a tube or doughnut type machine. A lot like a Ct scan but much more closed in which can feel a bit claustrophobic, so much so that they give you a panic button to press in case you can't stand it anymore. Like I say, not the best but easier to shut your eyes and think it will be over and done with soon. The machine makes one hell of a row too so I was trying to focus on that and various other things to distract myself. The team at Chelsea and Westminster are absolutely lovely too which always makes everything better. 

After the scan we went to catch our bus and right opposite on the Fulham rd was Carluccio's. I have recently gone gluten free as much as possible in my diet, cutting out the main sources such as pasta, bread, cake, and noodles. It seems to have made a difference almost instantly so I am keeping it up. I've had good experiences except from when I tried to make gluten free bread..... Let's not talk about the gluten free bread. I had read that Carluccios had a good gluten free menu and as neither mum nor I had any breakfast, we decided to have a post scan treat 😀

I've never eaten or been very aware of Carluccio's but it was amazing! Our waitress was so lovely, friendly, chatty, and attentive without being too intrusive. She bought over a big gluten free menu, with loads of delicious pastas, dishes, and risottos. I ordered a yummy chicken and mushroom pasta that I wouldn't have known it was gluten free. Mum had a mushroom risotto which I tasted because you know... Research! That too was boiling but delicious! I then got a chocolate pudding with kuhlua which was gluten free and amazing! Not too boozy but just enough to give it an edge, really moist and a lovely texture. Overall, I was so impressed by the level of service, and the choice/ quality of food especially gluten free options, I would highly recommend it. I was so impressed I even wrote an email to praise them. I firmly believe in complaining when necessary but definitely in praising when you've had great service. 

After our lunch we walked down to the bus stop and passed Mary Portas living and giving shop, basically a high class charity shop for Save the children. I bought two tops, a vest top and a sparkly top (I'm called magpie by my friends because I home in on something sparkly from miles off!). And two great books, one called 'gluten free girl' which was auspicious when I'd just gone gluten free! I've started reading it and it's great! Really loving the writers passion for food. 

All, in all a good day except that my foot that was sprained is suddenly hurting really really a lot. So much that at the moment I have to use my crutches and air boot to get around 😩 I'm beyond annoyed by this but am trying to be good resting it up. And matching my nail varnish to my choice of pillow obviously. 

I won't get my scan results until I've also had an ultrasound on my hands which I haven't had an appointment through for yet. So I'll keep you posted! 

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