What's in my bag?

I'll be honest, I'm nicking this idea from other blogs! Except as a Cystic Fibrosis/ transplant patient there's quite a lot of things that aren't the norm.....

First of all the bag, my beautiful Michael Kors. It's my first designer bag and I bought it for myself as a graduation present, it is so gorgeous and despite being 3 years old looks almost as good as the day it was bought. I love this bag, it makes me feel classy and sexy and together even though I'm completely not!

And, what's inside......

Phone and charger. 

Pretty standard to ease you in gently. I must admit I get quite anxious sometimes after a life time of your body playing tricks on you, I feel a lot safer with my phone on me and charged which is why I've started taking my charger out too. I'm thinking of replacing this with one of those little chargers that you can plug in anytime. Love the phone case and often get people commenting on it.

Blood testing kit and insulin

I'm diabetic patient due to my CF malabsorption issues and the steroid treatment I take post transplant, so I take insulin with all my meals, sometimes in between. It's important for me to have my testing kit too so I know what those bad boy sugar levels are doing. I have a lancet, testing strips and blouse monitor. I have accessorised with a cupcake charm (oh the irony!) but need to get something else to add on and a different little charm for my home testing kit. They feel less medically then 😊 which makes a big difference! 
My pen lives in the little pouch, and also has needles to change when needed.


So I may look like a sweet addict, but in fact I have these in case my blood sugar goes low. If your sugar goes low trust me, you want some glucose on hand! I get very weak very quickly when my sugars drop so it's a matter of safety to have these on me.

Tissues, perfume, mirror, and EOS lip balm.

Typical girly things! Tissues because I'm so bloody messy, and dodgy sinuses equal needing tissues. Perfume on the go, is Jo Malone red roses, which smells divine. The lip balm is coconut flavour, a friend sent it to me and is the only balm that doesn't make my lips peel so am a little addicted to it now, it's also all natural which is a huge bonus.

Hand sanitizer 

It's just good sense, but for those with lowered immunity it's a must have. So easy to do a quick cleanse before you eat. Also a god send during cold and flu season.

Green tea.

Yes I am so addicted to tea that I do carry tea bags with me just in case. The ladies in the hospital cafe with now fill my cup with hot water and I provide the green tea bag! I love a green tea and I'm not ashamed 😉


So the blue container has my pills for the day, I have to have my immunosuppression at a certain time of day so it's important to have them with me. The tub are Creon, a cf medication. They are enzymes replace the ones I don't make myself. I take them with food to break down fat. Trust me, you do not want to forget these. It may seem harmless at first but you will soon be stuck in the loo for the rest of the day with hideous cramps and, well you know. 

This little pill caddy is so sweet! I saw it and liked it, nearly bought it but didn't. When I came home my mum surprised me that she had seen them and bought it for me! It feeds into my anal retentivness as its so tidy and organised!  I have extras of all my important meds just in case. I also have my medic alert card in there so hopefully it would be found in an emergency. And plasters because I'm clumsy as a clown. 

Travel pass, purse, and taxi money. 

Basics here, but I like to carry £20 separate in case of emergencies. If my pain level is high or I'm not feeling well, it's good to know I can jump in a taxi if needed. 

So that's it I think! I've been to pain clinic today but still trying to wrap my head around that so will update soon. 

Don't forget to send any questions you have for me, I've got some great ones. Also please give me input into posts you like/don't like. Any thing you'd like to see :) 

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