Monday, January 02, 2017

I am quite big on New Years resolutions but I don't always start them at new year. Every day is an opportunity to change so I often add in extra changes as I go along or reevaluate what I'm doing. I do have a few goals to start the year with though so I thought I would share them with you.

My main and probably most troublesome goal is to try and strengthen my muscles a bit. My hyper mobility and the drugs I take for transplant mean that I find it almost impossible to gain muscle. However lately I am really noticing that despite my lungs working well, my legs and other muscles are weak and drain a lot of energy. I also find it very tricky to exercise effectively, ie not being completely exhausted after a few minutes and using all of my previous energy for the day, being in pain afterwards, etc. So my aim is try different exercises and find out what will work best for me, as well as eating better and including lots of protein to help build my muscles up.

Another goal is to be more creative. I ended up making a few of my presents this year for Christmas and really enjoyed the process and reactions of people to what I made them. I love receiving handmade items too. I'm hoping to get more creative again in 2017.

Tying into creativity, I really want to push forward with acting and singing this year. I have challenged myself in 2016 and want to push even more in 2017, I get very nervous so the more I perform the more I will improve. I have a zest for life this year spurred on by the fact I'm still alive and here to live my dreams when so many of my friends aren't so lucky. I want to live and learn, and experience all I can about the theatre and drama and everything related to it!  This is the life line that kept me going pre transplant and it's what I want to immerse myself in now. If anyone knows any actors, theatre people etc that wouldn't mind a cuppa and a chat on me, or could give me any help or advise, please shout. 

One resolution I'm continuing over from last year is to read more and go to the theatre as much as possible. I'm very excited to have Harry Potter tickets for this year but also theatres like the National and Charring Cross that became favourites this year will be high on my list. I was also very lucky to be part of a book 'pyramid' where I sent my favourite book to someone and then a few people sent theirs to me so I have a nice stack to start the year with. I'm also adding in films to watch as I always stick to the same favourites! 

2017 will celebrate my 30th birthday. It's a big one for me as 30 years old was the life expectancy of CF patients while I grew up. It's older now but it was always the goal in my mind that I wanted to reach to say I "beat" CF. I would like to make as much of a difference to people's lives as possible in my 30th year. I like to send happy mail to cheer people up so that will continue, but also I'd love to do more transplant awareness and talks, as well as help the hospital who saved me. Any opportunity to help someone I will try to take it.

Relationships will be big in 2017. There are several in my life which seem to involve me suggesting and organising meet ups and if I didn't there wouldn't be any! I deserve better than that so no more chasing and if it's meant to be it will be. On the contrary, I've developed some friendships in the last year that are proving really enjoyable! People I really get on with and enjoy their company and I want to dedicate my time and effort to there true friends. 

 I want to be happier this year. To push myself to do the things I want to but recognise things that I don't want to do, and say no to them without feeling guilty or like I failed in some way. Listening to what I actually want to do. Also to show gratitude and think of something each day that I'm grateful for.

I want more experiences than things. To spend time with people and really be there in the moment with them. 

I think that's everything! I would love to hear your resolutions if you have any? Xx

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  1. I have known my best friend since we were 11. We are both now 72. She is hopeless at keeping in touch, But it doesn't matter, because when we see each other (perhaps after years) it is just as though I had seen her yesterday. Some people aren't very good at keeping in touch, but it doesn't mean they don't care. They're just not very good at it. Be careful that you don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

  2. Can I recommend Regents Park Open Air Theatre. This summer they are performing one of my favourite pieces of music theatre - 'On The Town'. I was lucky to get to an ENO 'Know the Show' based on 'On the Town'.
    Can I also recommend ENO's 'Know the Show' events - the next one is based on Handel - ok iit is an opera but I'm not sure how it will differ from Music Theatre [except less dancing].
    Can I also recommend the Chocolate Factory in Southwark. Their musicals invariably go to the West End.