So I've told you about my Quest to make Easter a little more special for other people which you can find here if you missed it. Now I want to tell you about my Easter at home! 

I adore this time of year, the first stirrings of sunshine, blue skies without it being too hot which doesn't always agree with my body. There are flowers and blossom everywhere (I pointed out the 'little flowers' on the trees to my 4 year old niece, she turned to me and said 'they're called blossom Tor', consider me told!). Everywhere seems a little brighter, prettier and full of potential.


My good friend Claire decided to go out just before Easter weekend. She is the Queen at where to go in London, and introduced me to my first Turkish experience. We visited Tas Pide over on the SouthBank and I would highly recommend you checking it out. Claire needs an accessible route into the restaurant which they had, no steps in, a ramp and toilets on the flat. It was a really lovely place bringing us some appetisers as soon as we sat. I was gutted I couldn't eat the gorgeous smelling bread but the olives were yummy too. 


The whole restaurant was decorated traditionally with beautiful carved woods, lamps, kitchenware, and greenery. There were even a couple of evil eyes dotted around. There was a really cosy, relaxed atmosphere there which I loved. 


The menu was pretty good at mentioning wheat if it was in a dish. I went for the grilled fish and onion salad which was really good, aside from a few bones.


I also had some Turkish tea which was served in this gorgeous etched glass, which I kinda wanted to steal! Such a pretty little thing, I'd definitely say try the tea and it's very clean tasting and refreshing. 


I didn't plan on pudding and especially not rice pudding but for some reason I decided to choose it and I'm so glad I did! Rice pudding is dreamy and this was lightly flavoured with cinnamon and orange. So so good! 


I loved the food at Tas Pide, it's a reasonably priced place with alovely atmosphere, gf and veggie options, completely accessible and serves delicious clean, tasty food that doesn't sit too heavy (depending on what you have!) . Finish the meal like we did with a slow walk along the Southbank in the sunshine! 

Over Easter I had a good time at home, firstly setting up an Easter egg hunt in the garden for my niece and nephew. I made an Easter basket for my niece with some sweets, a swimming costume, a beauty and the beast colouring book, some stickers and little bits including her rabbit ears! 
Then because I realised my parents had never had Easter baskets I made them a couple of small ones including some dried Apple rings I dipped in chocolate for my dad, and a Disney Dumbo plaque I made for my mum. Along with some sweet treats. They were like children when I handed them to them each going 'Oooooh!!!' And scurrying off to inspect their prizes! 

I couldn't leave Lucky out either so as you can see he got some liver biscuits, yum yum 😳

I got lots of treats too. Treated myself to some Gluten Free hot cross buns for breakfast which were surprisingly good! Then my mum gave me some peeps (I love them!) and a huge Lindt carrot! A couple of friends also bought me a Lindt bunny, a twirl Easter egg and an aero egg 😍



My sister and her family came over for a takeaway and my nan and her friend came in for a roast on Easter Sunday. I made a gluten free coconut cake which was really tasty.i can definitely add in a few tweaks but it was really moreish! 

How did you spend your Easter? 


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