The happy list!

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Happy list! 

As promised here are a few things that have been making me smile lately. 

Lung Function.

This has to be the first thing. Numbers I've never experienced before and by no means are numbers the be all and end all but if feels pretty bloody good of a marker of how far I've come. 


Following on from the lung function, I've been going out and enjoying myself a lot more. It's not a direct result and some days I've still struggled with anxiety, fatigue or pain but it's felt really good to explore new places, be a bit more spontaneous and spend time with friends. There will definitely be some more posts about some of my new favourite places and some of the things I've been up to. 

My new job

So, I have a new job! I haven't had a job interview in about 10 years, so it was quite intimidating! I am now a Tissue Donation ambassador for the south east region. The position is voluntary but I'm so happy to be able to give something back. It's been really interesting for me already, they are doing some incredible things at NHSBT and the people I work with are heroes doing what they do. Seeing their side and bringing it together from my patient experience sort of completes the picture. I will still be working with organ donation and promoting it wherever I can but tissue is a new and exciting area to learn about. 

Not a part of this job but it was also lovely to work with Michelle at The CF Trust to create more resources for patients starting the process of transplantation. Michelle and I have spoken a few times and last week, Michelle. Marcel, and Fergus came to my house to film, photograph and interview me. It was an absolute pleasure and they made it such a nice experience.

Alice in Wonderland

My music teacher has been a part of Holland Park Opera's open air production of Alice for the last few years and during that time I have become the official cake maker for the show! This year she invited me to come and watch the dress rehearsal and I absolutely loved it! Setting the opera in the park adds another level to the performances (we so nearly got away without rain too!). It was amazing to meet the cast and crew behind this beautiful show. To get so many photos of my cakes on opening night made my week too! 


Ties into exploring but that wouldn't mean anything without the people I spend time with. I spent a lovely few days staying with my friends in Surrey last month. We weren't constantly doing things but just relaxing, spending time together, seeing her family and seeing bits of the local area. My friends name is Becky and she and her family made me so welcome! Even down to getting me gluten free goodies and putting chocolates on my pillow! 

Also going out with friends to enjoy nice food, drink and company. I've had some great chats and been to some great places with friends I've not seen for a little while. 
I've also had a lot of support when I've been scared about my upcoming tests. I've definitely got some good guys on my side.


Finally, I had a bit of a dud bath bomb the other week but the lovely people of Lush made up for it by sending me two replacement bombs. They are so good! I've just used the jelly bomb the big sleep and it was so relaxing. I was in a lot of pain and it really took the edge of. I'm a big fan of Lush and use a lot of their products and love their ethos. Thanks for such great customer service! 

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