All change

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

So sorry to have to post again so quickly with different news but what can I say? That's life! 

I heard today my surgery is cancelled until next week. Two of the big team involved can't make it this Thursday and my surgeon isn't comfortable to go ahead without them, and if he's not 100% then neither am I. 
Gutted as I got mentally ready to do this but it's for the best and I trust the team implicitly so if they say wait then we wait. 

Just wanted to keep you updated. Thank you so so much for the wonderful comments and messages on this post they've made my day xxxx

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  1. Hi Tor, I've been thinking of you and hope surgery went well. Best wishes, Kelly

  2. Hello Tor, one of the strange people who follow your story and are constantly astonished by how you pick yourself up time and time again when others (like me) can sulk for days about burnt toast and missed trains. I've seen your latest tweets and just want to wish you all the best possible for today; you probably don't want to be but you are inspirational and you will pick yourself up again. Hope to see more singing from you in the future and in the meantime, take care of yourself.