A very happy 21st!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It was my 21st birthday on Monday, and I had the most fantastic day. As my last post explains I was gutted to hear about Sam's death, but wanted to enjoy every second of my day as a testament to her.

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes were three big pink star balloons with "happy 21st birthday Tor" written on them in glitter, and tied with various pink sparkly ribbons. My mum and dad brought all my cards and presents into my bedroom so I could sit up in bed to open them, with a cup of birthday tea! My mum plonked a rather large hat on my head that was shaped like a birthday cake with candles on top. As you can see I looked damn sexy in it! (excuse the bed hair i had literally been awake for 5 minutes)

My mum and dad had bought me lots of lovely presents including a links of london sweetie charm bracelet and 21st charm. I also had loads of cards. Some of the people from where I used to work had all put money together to buy me some theatre tokens which I was really pleased with, such a lovely thought. My friend Becky sent me some beautiful flowers, and some bits and pieces from her trip to Florida which again were lovely.

I then got up and started to get my treatment done etc, my nan came over and gave me her presents (a beautiful ring) and then went downstairs to help my mum get things ready for my party in the afternoon. We had invited my family and friends over to share my special day. I spent the rest of the morning staying fairly rested so I would have energy for the afternoon.

After lunch my best friend came over to give me her presents and to fix my hair for me as I find this really tires me out. She arrived in a flurry of helium balloons (it realy is a wonder she didn't blow away!) and brought me some great presents. She is such a special friend, and had put so much thought into everything she had done, I truly am blessed to have her in my life. She had handmade me several things which were wonderful and had obviously taken a lot of time and effort, and bought me among other things a hand charm to go on my bracelet, which she informed me is making the symbol for "I love you" in sign language! She has also given me a voucher to visit her house for a beauty treatment day (shes a trained beauty therapist) and 3 course lunch which is something to look forward to in the coming weeks.

I had a visit from an old friend which again made things very special and then rushed about getting my second lot of physio done and getting dressed in my party frock. I was still getting ready when people arrived and the rushing about completely winded me so i had to calm down a bit before coming down, but we got there in the end. Everywhere was decorated with balloons, 21st banners decorations and confetti, even my oxygen cylinder had a large 21st badge stuck to it! My mum had surpassed herself by making a huge buffet and had a photo cake of me as a baby. Everything was so special.

Loads of people came to see me and it was great to spend time with everyone, I have some wonderful friends. It was lovely and suny so we adjourned to the garden. I have so many photos taken by various people and also had little cards that guests could write a birthday message on, the plan is for me to include them all in a scrapbook of my 21st when I have time.
All in all I had an amazing birthday, spent with fabulous people and I am a very very lucky girl. I have to say that my parents had worked so hard and put so much effort in, especially my wonderful mum. She made everything perfect, and I cannot put into words how grateful I am for what she does all year round (let alone my bday) and how much I love her.

Me and my lovely mummy!

By the end of the day I was absolutely exhausted, but very happy. Thank you to EVERYONE who facebooked me, texted,sent cards, presents and came to my party.You all helped make it so brilliant, and it was very much appreciated!


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  1. helllo ur dress looks very pretty!! might have to come steal it!!!! ooo and the hat. i must have 1 for my bday!!! y have i never had 1this is not fair. and hey ther is no close up of ur cake, i kinda thers a pic of u on it!!! i wana c it proper missy! !! xooxoxoo

  2. wowee! it sounds great and you mentioned ME IN YOUR BLOG!!!!
    your dress is veeery nice (i already knew that)
    im so glad you had a good day and your presents sound so cool the theatre tokens one is genius!!

  3. You look STUNNING Tor!!! I think Sam would approve :)

    Congratulations and well done on having such a fab day...I'm proud of you sweetie xx

  4. Oh Tor, I had no idea it was your 21st hunni!!!!! I'm gutted as I'd have sent you something in the post. It will still get to you but I'm afraid it will be a wee bit late now, you are so naughty for keeping that one quiet!

    It looks like you had an amazing time and I'm so glad to see you were pampered like the princess you are! Sending you a ton of Birthday hugs xxxxxx

  5. yes i do keep up with your blog mrs! wow sounds like you had a great bday...hehe how about that eh, mentioning little old me :)

    lots love linds xxxxxxx

  6. Hunni you look absolutley fab, so glad to hear you're day was magic.

    And doesn't that food look so yummy.

    Loadsa love and a great big (((HUG)))