1 down...5 to go!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Thankfully it has been a bit cooler this week so that has been a big relief to my little lungs. I have still been having various episodes tho, lungs are still feeling tight and quite dry, but im putting that down to mainly mad hormones at the moment. Plus i always seem to have some problem either something aching, hurting, spasming, or otherwise malfunctioning! This is not unusual for me at all its amazing how many things are affected by my poorly lungs but it can get a bit wearing sometimes. I do have some very good news tho, I heard yesterday that I have passed the first of my OU courses! Its nice to have one under my belt, and despite having 5 more to go (six smaller courses make up the degree) its one step closer now.
I'm still working on my current course which is still proving very taxing! I'mtrying to make some time to do other things as well. I've been trying to organise different things like my craft stuff etc, I can only tackle very small areas at a time because i get tired and my back aches and then that leads to my chest getting tight so im doing small areas in short bursts but at least I'm doing something positive. I've also been scrapbooking and card making which is quite relaxing.
Last week I had a nice suprise, I recieved a letter from my local MP. He had seen a local newspaper article about me when I won my Breathing Life Award, and decided to get in touch. The letter was completely unexpectedd and I was really proud to think he had read it been compelled to write. He said that my award was well deserved and...
"It is evident from the article that you are a woman of character and great courage: devoted to her future and possessing unbelievable mental strength"
Can't be bad can it?! Seriously though I was really touched by his kindness and the fact that he had taken time to get in contact. He went on to say that he would be happy to help with any future issues in any way he could.
After a conversation with a friend last week I have decided that my next post will be a "wish list" things I want to do after transplant. I've been thinking about doing one for a while but thought it might be nice to share it with my blog readers!
So keep checking in for that soon!
Much love xxxx

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on passing your first OU course sweetie!!! Boy, does that make me smile as I know how hard you worked for it and you really deserve that pass. I hope you are wearing a face prouder than Mr Proud from Proudland!
    HUGS xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wooohooo!!

    Well done you for passing number 1 and for keeping busy with crafty stuff.

    Can't wait to see the 'wish' list.

    Biggest (((HUGS)))

  3. WELL DONE !!!!!!

    You are a clever little star!