Feeling hot, hot, hot!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello blog readers!

Another week has rushed past so thought it was about time for an update. Tagging on from my last post I am feeling much less tired now thank goodness. It is somewhat of a shock to feel so very tired (I'm tired enough anyway), and it scares me when it happens. Im so restricted as it is that when my stamina slips even a bit it is worrying. Even though logically I knew the exhaustion was down to overdoing it, i still had nagging doubts. So (as always when things get too muchfor me) I came up with a plan to try and help myself, I decided on rest first and foremost and also spoke to my cf team who assured me that this is how they would expect my body to react at this stage in the game.
I aslo decided to contact my lovely transplant co-ordinator at Harefield. She sat and spoke to me about all the problems I'd been having physically and the emotional side of the way I've been feeling lately. I know it sounds silly but just discussing all of it with her made me feel better as did her reassurance that I'm doing all the right things by keeping to my normal routine and resting when I need to. They really are so kind there and no problem is too small.
On Saturday it was my best friends 21st party, and the theme was children's party,(think dressing like kids, wearing bunches, lots of sweets and a bouncy castle!).
I still wasn't feeling great so I only stayed for a couple of hours but had a good time nevertheless, I'm so glad I was there to share her day.
The hot weather has been effecting me quite badly . I ALWAYS feel ill in the summer, the heat and humidity have never agreed with my lungs. As a result I've been struggling to breathe and have spent majority of time in my room, curtains drawn, with several fans pointed at me! I also get hayfever so have been working to keep that under control with meds, and various other things at my disposal.
I am feeling slightly better today as its cooled down a bit here(thank god for the rain!). I know most of you will hate me for this but bring on the winter!!! As much as I hate feeling crappy in the summer, I love the winter and autumn months with a passion. The beautiful colours the pale sun, then firework night and the nights drawing in. Being comfy in jumpers and wraping up when its cold, hot mugs of tea and snow or frost, the gorgeous smell of the world when it rains, wind in your face, and getting ready for christmas I absolutely Love it all.

Anyway now I've alienated those sun gods among you I will go!
Keep smiling and have a great week

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  1. Roll on Christmas and the singing of 'Pirate' Christmas Carols...!

    "Oh come all Yarrrrrr faithful...."


  2. at least for you living in UK its more winter than summer yearly!

    i like the sun i feel more well and my skin is slightly tanned!

    have you been watching more films?

    i think you should a good old boxset, splurge your money, like ally mcbeal or will and grace or prison break!
    and enjoy!
    money worth spending when your so engrossed in something you forget everything!!

  3. Glad you managed to have a chat hunni, once you talk about things they don't seem as huge as they were when its just you and your own thoughts do they.

    I'm a sun worshipper but even I have struggled and been dreaming of crisp Winter mornings, I wont be saying that in December though I'll be bound.

    Big (((HUGS)))

  4. glad to here your feeling better and more to your chipper self! please continue to listen to your body...it alwats knows best.
    take care