Bills, thai, and tea!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

I'm in the mood for writing tonight, so I thought I'd give you the light hearted blog about my week before the slightly heavier stuff maybe tomorrow or Monday. 

My week hasn't been too bad, I've been having to use my airboot and crutches again which is a bit of an annoyance. My sprained/strained foot is getting so sore so I thought in order not to miss out too much I should wear the boot/crutch combo to try and give it some support. It has helped but I'm just worried about when do I get to the point that it's still hurting a lot and I need to go back to the docs? Also got the scan on my hands tomorrow which is good because they have also been pretty sore lately especially when doing my baking and cake decorating 😔 

I've had a busy week and have been trying to rest in between but even so it's nice to have had the day in wearing pjs today. 
Yesterday I spent the day up in London ☺️ first of all I caught a late lunch with my bestie Pippa at Bills in Holborn. Bills has always been a haunt of ours but I was slightly worried about going there glutenless! I'm not being religious about absolutely no gluten ever ever again, but I am finding big benefits from cutting out bread, cake, noodles and pasta. 
Anyway I decided to try the Halloumi and hummus burger on gluten free bread. The other choices were mainly salads but some tasty starter choices too and I would have liked to talk about the pre theatre menu options too as they seemed to be gluten free too. 

It was one of those decisions where after I ordered I thought "hmmm wish I had gone for something else instead" but once I'd tasted it I was very VERY glad I didn't! It was a really delicious plate of food, yummy salad, toasted bread, hallomi, hummus, roasted pepper.... Fresh, clean and fantastic. 

I have been really pleasantly surprised by eating out gluten free. Initially I was very daunted but so far everywhere has been lovely.  I should point out that none of these restaurants have asked me to review, even if they did I would speak as I found but I thought I'd give a mention to those that have gone above and beyond because hey it's nice to be nice! Any recommendations send them my way! 
I'm also pleased to announced that I have perfected a choc chip cookie recipe that I can eat, better than with wheat flour! Yay! 

After lunch we caught the tube to Oxford street and took a walk down Carnaby street, another great place. We saw beautiful shoes 😍 and an equally beautiful man playing the violin rather beautifully too! 

A quick bus ride back to Covent Garden to sit in the sun for a little break, then on to meet my other friend Dan at Leicester Square. Dan is the king of 'knowing nice thai places to eat' I generally just follow along and eat!  We went to a tiny thai place called Janetira, where we chatted, drunk tea, munched thai crackers and ate yummy noodley rice goodness. I already think I need to go back and try more items from the menu.....

Anyway that's it for now. Hope you're all having a good week x

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  1. Is there any chance you could share your cookie recipe? My daughter is 9 and is gluten free too. It has made such a difference to her.

  2. Of course Ella :) I have to actually put it into a format people could follow rather than in a code only I can decipher! And check timings etc but they are really good! Will post in next couple of weeks :) xxx