A little break away

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Before my Transplantiversary, my parents and I went away to Center Parcs for the week. 

I usually get quite anxious being away from home but I really needed a break and planned to try and relax and turn off as much as possible for the week. Trying not to focus on 'doing' and just give my body a bit of a rest. 

We had a lovely time. Unfortunately one thing chronic illness patients can't do is leave their medical problems behind for a week. We used bikes to get around the park which I really enjoyed a lot and found easier than I did last time we went a few years ago, but this did cause me to experience a lot of my usual back pain and pain in my scar tissue. I was also riding the steroid emotional roller coaster which was awful, but there were times when I felt more like me again. In addition to my meds I took extra pain relief, TENS machine, heat pad, and had baths to help too. My tummy played up the whole time we were there too :( 

Despite that we still had a gorgeous break, look at the views! 

Our accommodation was nice too, separate bathrooms, kitchen, French doors overlooking the forest, and seating area. Clean and cosy! 

The food was also good this time, going back as a gluten free customer I was surprised but really pleased to find a small gluten free section in the parc supermarket. All the restaurants had gluten free options but my favourites were The Pancake house, Bella Italia, and the sports cafe. The Dutch Apple gluten free pancake was my absolute favourite with no scrimping on flavour. Gluten free pancake with apples, sultanas, cinnamon sugar, ice cream and toffee sauce 😍😍😍. I may have returned for it more than once. I loved that they use the allergy flags as it made me feel they were so on top of everything and made me feel very safe. 

Bella Italia also had a good range including pastas, salads, and pizzas. The pizza I had was delicious, again you couldn't tell it wasn't just a really nice pizza.  The sports cafe had a good choice and the waitress we had was super efficient and kind, warning me not to eat the side order of onion rings that contained gluten. 

We mainly spent time riding through the forest because it really was so beautiful. There were so many activities too. We went out in a pedalo ( I didn't peddle I took photos 😂) on the main lake  Mum and I went to the Spa one evening which was lovely too, really indulgent with so many different rooms to try. They also do tonnes of relaxing treatments. After transplant I am quite limited in what I can use there but the ones I could use were fantastic! They also have classes, we did yoga and my dad went to archery which mum and I watched, the instructors were friendly and really put everyone at ease while remaining in charge and informative. 
They have some shops in the center of the parc too, some gorgeous products on offer, we experienced some rude staff but they were few. 

Next time we are going to take Lucky too, one because it seemed very welcoming to dogs and two because I miss him way too much when he isn't with us!!! 

Overall a great break away. It sounds dramatic but I feel so ragged with my steroids, insulin resistance worsened right now, mentally and bodily it's really taken a big toll and it was a very welcome break. Thank you Centre Parcs for making us feel so welcome. 

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