Sunday, October 18, 2015

I I was throughly spoilt for my transplant anniversary. I was explaining to a friend the other day that I keep the 9th as a day for my donor, to remember them, not that I don't everyday but you know, they are in my thoughts a lot. We light candles, I write before my anniversary. 

On the 10th we celebrate everything I have survived and overcome. This year I woke up to breakfast served on Dumbo plates/bowl/napkin. I love Dumbo and my mum is amazing to have found these and thought of it! 

lucky also dressed up for his mummy's special day! 

Then the postman came and delivered some post from friends. I had an amazing card and this badge from my transplant friend Sue, who celebrated her 5 year anniversary two days after mine....

 I had plans to see my best friend Pippa on the Thursday but was very surprised to get a parcel of loveliness from her. Bless her for sending my presents so I had them on the day. I loved everything (she knows me so well) and was throughly spoiled by her! She also treated me to lunch on Thursday because, well she's just a little bit awesome 😉 
The lungs print in particular is gorgeous, I've framed it and am deciding where to put it in my room. Such an appropriate and thoughtful gift.

My other friend Becky sent me some lovely happy mail last week too, with lots of lovely, thoughtful bits.  My favourite was this, we aren't able to meet up very much due to cross infection issues but we have stayed friends for years and years, I think around 14 to be exact! I know if I need someone Pippa and Becky are always there, I'm so lucky to have them in my life. 

Then mum and I headed up to see The Phantom of the Opera. My favourite show with my favourite actor John Owen Jones playing the Phantom. I have adored Johns voice since I heard him many many years ago and after some stage door meetings it's been great to get to know such a talented and lovely guy. Over the years he has followed my journey and kept in touch, often keeping my spirits up at the hardest times and giving me a backstage tour in my wheelchair when I was waiting for transplant which remains a bucket list item fulfilled, so it was incredible to see him back in the role and to have a quick chat afterwards. Phantom is also my favourite show (you may not have guessed that though, I'm subtle about it) and has seen me through some of my very worst, hardest days. It was the perfect way to celebrate and thank you again to my parents for booking for me.

Finally after my singing lesson on the Sunday, my teacher Joanna surprised me with beautiful flowers. It was so kind of her to think of me and my gorgeous bouquet has been brightening up my room every since. I do love a vase of flowers! 

As I have explained in previous posts, anniversary are always hard for me. This year in particular I have been having a rough time of it with my emotions and drug interactions/side effects/ hideousness. However, I have had so much support from the people who matter, so many messages, time hop posts from 4 years ago, texts and generally felt very loved. I'm a very lucky girl and while with anything like depression and mental heath issues, it's impossible to see the light sometimes there are starting to be glimmers when I can appreciate just how lucky I am. 

Thank you. 
Ps this is me and Lucy lungs the bear my cousin bought for me the day of my transplant, we thought the birthday girls should have a photo xxx

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