Did you miss me??

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm back, and am pleased to say Im feeling a little better now. Like I said last time, I have been struggling with very low moods for a while now but some days are better than others. It is an awful feeling to feel the darkness closing over you and not knowing when or how long before it will lift. The last few weeks have been particularly bad with my emotions being up and down like a yoyo, making me feel even more out of my own control and helpless. I've spoken to lots of friends and family all of whom have helped me to realise that its normal to feel like this in my situation (I somtimes find it hard to see why I should not be coping as well as I imagine I should be). Things are by no means perfect now but I hope that they are on the way to being better and that I can deal with and accept everything easier than before.

I do find that keeping as busy as possible helps me enormously. Having a purpose to each day is what helps me to get up and keep going, I think its part of my nature I like to be occupied and am also a bit of a perfectionist. When I was struggling though, I decided that I needed to take some time off so gave up blogging and my uni work for a couple of weeks. I think it helped a bit to know that I didnt have any demands on me apart from doing my treatments and eating. Thanks as usual to my lovely friends and blog readers for your support. It means more than I can say to read your comments and encouragement, and to know that people have missed the blog without putting me under pressure to write before I was ready. Also to recieve little cards, visits,emails, and chats from my friends checking in on me and letting me know that they were there. Thank you all so much.
Not much more to report but I have got two links for you to visit, firstly, a video I was filmed for before xmas, talking about life on the list for the lovely Holly and her battlefront campagin.Rather than explain here please check out the website and see all the good work she is doing! The Battlefront page has lots of stories relating to organ donation, mine is called "waiting for the call to come".
The second link is to another transplant website who I work with as much as I can. I wrote my life story for them and it can be viewed here. Both sites do brilliant work to raise awareness so please check them out.

Have a good week and ill post again soon (well quicker than last time anyway)

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  1. of course we did! glad things have been improving recently. much love xx

  2. Course we missed you!

    Thanks again for doing the video hun I really do appreciate it, and thanks for posting the link!

    Glad you are on the up again :o)

    Much love x

  3. Hey you!
    we all know your a fighter and your proving it now by coming back to this and describing what u doing and why!

    Maybe the weather being that bit sunnier and tiny bit warmer makes you bit uplifted

    keep writing cos we all keep reading!

    love xxx

  4. Welcome back - glad your feeling more positive, must be all the vibes everyones been sending.x

  5. lovely to see you back and well done for a great piece on LLTGL x

  6. Hiya hunni, just popping by to send a me to you (((HUG))) good to see a post from you and glad to hear you're feeling a bit more positive.

    Keep your pecker up chuck ;-)

    Much love always. xxx

  7. Glad to see you back - but you take time out whenever you need to! when writing a blog is a chore and not a cathartic experience, then it's time to take a break :-) Yay to you being back though!!

  8. we are all so glad you are back and feeling better.
    we are always here sending lots of prayers and good wishes your way.