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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thank you for all the lovely comments, I'm glad im back too!
Its been a bit of a quiet week, just doing uni work and bits and pieces really.
I've been weighing the last few weeks and its sitting between 44.4kg and 44.2kg which is good. Its just so disheartening to see it so randomly gaining abit then losing a bit. Its so hard to get above this weight and when I am working so so hard to get there all i want is to see some results.
I'm still well in myself but it is draining as everyday I seem to have some problem one after another. Today its a bad back, tight chest and no appetite :( No huge things in themselves but enough to annoy you when its a pick and mix of various symptoms each day.
Still I am a very lucky girl to have kept so well, so I wont complain too much. I think the fact that I am up to Harefield in a couple of weeks is making me slightly anxious, especially with the weight. I want them to know just how hard ive been trying and want them to see results of that.
I'm having reflexology today which is always great to relax me so looking forward to that and hoping it will help me all round.
Anyway just wanted to write a quick entry and say hello.
Hope your all ok, have a good week! xxx

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  1. Hello to you! You're doing so so so well with the weight. Big well done keeping it on, I know it must be really hard for you. You've acheived so much. Thinking of you as always and I shall speak to you soon. x x x

  2. hi

    cool reflexology! sounds good!
    and you have done really well keeping the weight on, just tell the hospital how hard u worked!!

  3. i only wish i could lope off about 20 pounds and give it to you. its been quite a busy week and its starting to get nice outside here. you have been doing so well im sure your Dr. will all see that, but just in case we will all through in a few extra prayers!
    Stay Healthy!

  4. there is a lady named Sally who lives in uk that got her lungs today after 2 years of waiting (saw it over at cf husband) i am convinced that you are the next one on the list! or at least i am praying that you are.
    chin up all sorts of good vibes comming your way!

  5. have u got croissants on the shopping list yet? xxx mwah. u know who i am!!!!!