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Monday, March 23, 2009

Can't believe its been this long again, no excuses its just hard to write when I havent been up to very much recently.
I've not been up to much other than the usual, watching tv/films, uni work, medications, crafting that is the norm. It was my mums birthday last week followed by mothers day yesterday, which always makes it hard to find 2 sets of presents! She seemed to have a good time though, on her birthday she was at work but we did presents and cards in the morning, and because she didnt want a cake i stuck candles into her hot cross bun so she could still make a wish :)
My aunt had bought mum a pamper bag with all her favourite foods (smoked salmon, olives, sushi) and flowers, so as a nice treat I managed to get downstairs (i find the stairs pretty tricky now) and make both her and my nan a nice lunch each along with a cup of tea for when she came home. I was pretty tired after this but it was well worth it to be able to do something nice for her, she does so much for me and I dont often get the chance to do something back. That evening we went out for dinner to TGI fridays which was lovely. Its the only where I will eat and eat, i wont go into what I had as you will all think im a pig! Unfortunately I was pretty ill afterwards as my tummy is not used to such vast quantities and I was up for moost of the night feeling too full to breathe and having my sugar levels dropping low which is not pleasant at all.

I think mum also had a good mothers day. She was so pleased with the presents I bought her and one of my sisters had us over for dinner so she didnt have to cook. She completely deserves to be spoilt as she honestly is the best mum ever, and nothing I can say can go any way to how much she means to me. When I am post transplant I can't wait to be able to organise some days out for us to enjoy my new lease of life together. I hope you all nice days with your mums too.

I'm trying to take things easy the next couple of days and get lots of rest as I'm up to my transplant hospital on Wednesday for my day of routine tests followed by clinic. To say I'm worried is an understatement but it will also be nice to touch base with the team again. The main worry is of course the dreaded weight. Despite my best efforts last week it was staying resolutely at the same level although I have gained 4 pounds since my last visit 6 months ago. After last times ultimatum about the urgency to gain some weight I 'm hoping they will be pleased with my efforts. Everyday and every morsel of food I shove down is often so difficult, I would love to see some rewards for my efforts..
As always I am so touched and grateful for your thoughts and prayers, but would appreicate them even more for Wednesday. I will update as soon as I can afterwards to let you know how it has gone.
Thanks again and enjoy your week.

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  1. prayers all around for wednesday! dont fret i am sure they will see the 4 pounds as great effort and a great head start. happy birthday and happy mothersday to all mums over in the uk. in the us we celebrate mothersday on the second sunday in may....which always falls within a week of my birthday. instead of extra presents i make it my "princess weekend", quite fun expecially if you do it at disney with a wand and a crown

  2. I know i have done it on FB but still hoping that 2moro goes well and they are pleased with you. sending you much love and please hun, don't worry too much, it will make you ill. i always used to feel sick, and that doesn't exactly help matters when you're trying to eat some breakfast in the morning before you leave!!! did u try croissants? let me know if u stomached them!!! lots of love hun.
    K. xxxxxxxxx